Hoppy Easter

Published: 29/03/2018 By Davidson Estates

Having spent hours decorating Easter bonnets with my kids, I was asked why we celebrate with eggs. With the help of my trusty assistant Google, here are some interpretations.

The egg was an ancient symbol of new life and has been associated with festivals celebrating spring. From a Christian perspective, it’s believed the Easter egg represents Jesus’ resurrection as the shell looks dead but there is new life inside waiting to break out.

In the old days, people would dye the eggs red to represent Jesus’ blood, but now chocolate eggs are favoured. I guess after giving up sweet treats for lent we could really do with something chocolaty and sweet.
Another thing we all appreciate Easter for is the long weekend oeuf work (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself). The Beast from the East has been forecast to return this weekend though but hopefully you won’t let the rain and possible snow dampen your Easter celebrations.

Have an ‘Eggcellent’ break everyone and to get your Easter off to a cracking start, here are some jokes that made me chuckle……

Q: How does the Easter bunny keep fit?
A: Egg-xercise

Q: What do you call a bunny with flees?
A: Bugs Bunny

Q: What kind of jewellery does an Easter bunny wear?
A: 24 carrot gold

Q: How do rabbits travel?
A: By Hare-plane

Q: Why did the Easter egg hide?
A: Because he was a chicken